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Sunday, March 23, 2008

All right, I will say this

Over the last couple of years back my TN, when active, has interfered with my eating (or, more precisely, my chewing) more and more. For a person of a certain weight, this is a silver lining in the cloud. In addition to an absolute reduction in caloric intake, there is a Pavlovian reaction that develops when one's mind begins to equate food with pain, and it happens very quickly. Not to mention that a diet with soup and yogurt as staples loses its excitement very quickly. The other night I discovered that a little polenta with a bit of chopped spinach (semi-Florentine?) in marinara sauce meets my brain's definition of non-chewy. Heaven!! I may try the down-home version and go for grits and gravy next.

One can't even drown one's sorrows. The meds have now reached ridiculous levels, confining me to such laughably small alcoholic intakes that I'm effectively on the wagon.

I'll take my whining back to a dark corner now.

(exits right)



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