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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pondering stuff

Got my aquatic exercise at the beach this week, in proportion to the weather. Monday: did a mile along the beach, swimming as long as I could and filling in the aqua-jogging. Tuesday, pretty much the same, a bit more aqua-jogging. Yesterday it was nearly all aqua-jogging because the water temp had dropped about eight degrees. Today it was more or less aqua-sloshing waist deep with the water temp down a bit more and a lot of cloud. Tomorrow, surf's up and I'm not in the water. Resolution degenerates.

I looked into the prospects of making minimum wage writing for a well-known online publication. Prospects are not good. They pay (not making this up) $2.50 per thousand hits, still want about four pieces a week and expect you to shill for them into the bargain. The economics of collecting discarded cans and bottles suddenly look better.

The question of creating a viable economic model for online publication seems as insoluble as ever, with the possible exception of pornography. Even there, the pictures sell better and the plagiarism rate is outrageous. I'm turning my mind to finding a target for subsidised mockery that hasn't already been overdone. It's that or smut.

These musings are all you get from spending an hour and a half a day exercising neck deep in dirty salt water. Well, these and some muscle strain.


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