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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solving time travel

The job fair I attended today was the usual forced-smile, dreary affair that is normal for these things in all but the very best of times. There we some three dozen exhibitors, most of whom were there to fill a handful of positions at the entry level of bottom feeding careers in bottom feeding industries. I managed to tease out four that had some connection to my skill set, had my conversations, left my resumes and left.

Imagine my surprise when I got home, glanced at the local evening news and saw what looked like the same fair, certainly the same room with the same faces. However, the fair they were covering was an IT worker's paradise, with recruiters begging to hire skilled people.

The most logical conclusion* is that the video crew passed through a wormhole and ended up in a parallel universe. The way I can confirm this is that at my job fair, in this universe, the company reps looked at my name tag, heard me say my one-syllable nameā€”and mispronounced it. Right down to earth, that.

*Naturally, we could not suggest that TV news was lying like a rug now, could we?



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