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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm not goofing off

Although with the temp at 81 deg. F after 7 p.m., it's a temptation.

No, no, I'm finally working on a Web site. It will have a link here, of course, and I'll try to throw it enough raw meat to keep it going.

This is part of the campaign against my cherished Web invisibility: one hopes. As a Verizon customer, I get free (to a certain bandwidth) Web hosting. There is already a spanner in the works. The development tools do not work with Firefox, only IE, so the first thing to check when I publish is whether the site is visible in browsers other than IE. That's an antique feature, but not totally extinct. If the site isn't visible in other browsers, it'll be time to move it. And no, the help isn't very helpful on this or many other points.

The entertainment, such as it is, will remain here. The site is pretty much oriented to serious business, and those who want an idea of my ideas will have to drop by here: that's a sneaky way of building hits.

By the way, there are 23 LinkedIn entries with my name. Two of them are mine, because LI neglected to delete an older account of mine. Not surprisingly, there is only one other in the USA.



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