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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The dumbest question

Well, the dumbest poll question. "Is the country (this one) headed in the wrong direction?"

Why is it dumb? Because our brilliant cadre of pollsters has been asking exactly the same question for the past 19 or 20 years. The great American pollelectorate has dutifully responded 'yes' by large margins every time. The pollocracy have hung this albatross on the necks of four successive administrations, representing both parties equally.

It would not be such a dumb question if the pollsters looked in the mirror for a bad guy. It would not be so stupid if the polls also asked why, instead of leaving the answer open-ended, enabling anyone to infer any possible answer. Of course, asking why would expose the question as bullshit, because it would elicit about 110 answers from every 100 people polled. If that happened, one would have to dismiss the question as worthless, and cast into doubt a generation of self-important punditry.

I've never been polled. I'd insist on crafting my own answer. Its chief premise would be that any wrongness to the direction has less to do with politics than with the epidemic of galloping idiocy afflicting the public.


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