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Sunday, February 17, 2013

More tiresome TN shit

O bliss, oh rapture! We have definitely made a trigger transition from cold as primary to eating as primary. That's not to say cold plays no part. I was out with the snowblower a couple of hours ago and have spent most of the time since paying for that necessary indiscretion. That's not much compared with episodes after half or more of my recent attempts at consuming anything.

No cloud without a silver lining, though. I could stand to drop a few pounds and I could stand to reboot some of my less productive eating habits. When one can't eat anything without risk, a reboot is gonna happen.

There's a good deal of me between now and starvation, so there are opportunities to figure out if there are things one can eat successfully. I do have better luck with breakfast than other meals.  Today we went out and I managed a veggy omelette, which is an encouraging sign. Unfortunately, some of us find oatmeal, cream of wheat and like rather tedious as a regular diet. It would be a very good thing if one outcome of this breakthrough is a shift to a larger, healthier and less frantic breakfast and a humble (if varied, puh-leeze!) supper.

Oh and yes, I've probably heard all the Internet woo there is on the subject. One works, says I, and that is treating the trigger areas with strong capsaicin solutions. A neurologist I consulted believes it offers an actual pain centre to a nerve that is running itself ragged looking for a stimulus that isn't there. Eventually, one burns the skin off the face and it's necessary to change tactics.

As for the rest, whether surgery or woo, show me the Carfax: clinically tested evidence that a treatment not only works, but keeps working indefinitely, doesn't create conditions worse than TN, and doesn't drive away the rest of the human race. (I know of one very effective orally-administered treatment that can be smelt 50 metres away, making noses run and eyes water.)

That's all the news from the front lines. Be kind to people with chronic pain: we are all very busy staying sane.

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Blogger crispix67 said...

Wondering if you'd be interested in trying some Reiki? I happen to know a practitioner ;-) I'd be happy to do some distance healing, just let me know if you're interested. I think it could help.

4:28 am  
Blogger massmarrier said...

Best I can do short term is suggest the predictable — join the lads for some non-chewing seated on a stool.

As I write, I'm simmering a green-chili stew, New Mexico version. It brings tears and heat and oral pleasures. F* chicken soup.

9:53 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

Reiki...ha hmm. I have read it has benefits for some, so even this skeptic must suspend judgment. OTOH, even the idea of someone's hands near my face when this is going on....The last time my PCP tried to palpate me during an attack I did a good imitation of a cat climbing the wall.

Alas, alcoholic bevs have become very unhelpful. Chili stew does sound interesting. I'm currently assembling ingredients for 2 or 3 stewish items, and I may have to look into that.

1:18 pm  

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