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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Observing steps backward

The distraction, apart from Thanksgiving (no episode until we got home, fortunately), has been a protracted feline adoption. It's not clear who adopted whom here, but we're a trial week.

Interesting developments on the TN front. The manifestations now are more like they were before the diagnosis. That is, Mankoski level 4 to 6, which by usual TN episode standards is almost wussy, but unlike the higher episodes of recent years, they last for hours and rapidly involve the main afferent nerve (that connects  the hardware to the spinal cord). This means pain around and behind the ear, which at the moment is penetrating and distracting without being excruciating. Like a combination of a bad earache with a bad neck sprain. Fun.

I think I'll have to go bother my PCP soon. This is an "atypical manifestation." Because it seems like one is moving backwards, one has to consider whether the meds aren't working as well as they should. This time of year I run up the Tegretol from 700 to 800-900 mg, but this year I'm being cautious. My PCP wrote a second scrip for this that my pharmacist won't honour, because they can't fill two scrips for the same drug. Also, the upper limit for Tegretol is 1000mg daily. After that it becomes toxic.

Who said I can't juggle three objects?

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