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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Package deals

The idea of Rush Limbaugh perhaps becoming an NFL owner has a lot of knickers in a twist. The pushback seems to have gotten under Mr. L's skin just a little, since he was swiftly driven back to the citadel of "I'm just an entertainer." He hasn't let his hypocrisy show to this extent since the Oklahoma City bombings.

It appears that the owners of sports leagues legally amount to very small, very expensive private clubs, who can admit or blackball anyone they wish, even though they provide a public service. Thus one may want to own a sports team; whether one can is up to the rest of the club.

Owners have indeed included entertainers, loudmouths, boors, bigots, and clowns. I don't know whether the owner ranks have included substance abusers, although we sure know the hired help has had quite a number. I expect we'll find out.

I suppose the pushback has to do with getting all those features in one chubby package.


Blogger crispix67 said...

He cant be any worse than Al Davis, can he?

2:06 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

No, not hardly. Pity they blackballed him, What an addition to the rogues' gallery!

3:16 pm  

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