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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A little raw hype

One of more interesting jobs in my so-called career was running a Freedom Trail historic site. It was there I discovered, first-hand, that a significant portion of the American public is unable to tell fact from fiction.

One of my more disgraceful occupations was the several years I spent in public relations. ("Please don't tell my mother I'm in public relations. She thinks I play piano in a whorehouse.")

Both of those career paths came together with the announcement of Opus Dei's concern about the forthcoming film of The DaVinci Code, and its concurrent efforts to tidy up its image as a bizarre, masochistic cult of multi-millionaire religious fanatics.

Opus Dei cleaning up its image is akin to Dick Cheney teaching hunter safety.

Opus Dei appears to be worried about all those millions of people who can't tell fact from fiction because it too can't tell fact from fiction. No surprise there: they've been dealing in fiction from the day they were founded.

Perhaps they should consult the Jesuits for a reality check.


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