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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Things are Just Wrong

Rejoice: the fact that my cube mate had a quantifiable foot of snow on Monday spares this small universe from another one of my rants on meteorology as tabloid journalism. This does not alter the truth that I had a thoroughly uneventful ride to work and an equally uneventful trip home.

No, the "wrong" aspect of life occurs to me after a protracted series of food fights at the malevolent one's patch. No, no: literally, fights over food.

It struck me that if it is wrong for a cheese steak calzone to have 1200 calories, wrong to consider Philly cheese steak cuisine at all, and wrong to consider a Massachusetts sub roll bread rather than a sponge with crust, then I must add one more wrong, perhaps the evillest of all.

Who would ever have thought that a restaurant-sized sandwich wrap has 400 calories? For crying out loud, the thing is just a communion wafer on growth hormones! For shock value, this rates with the time I discovered that guacamole is bad for me, at a time when I relied heavily on guacamole and salsa for my daily vegetable allowance.

There absolutely ain't no justice.


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