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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I think I have a cause

Nice thing about blogs, as in any other form of writing, is you get to put pretty packaging on your obsessions and call them causes. I think mocking New England weather broadcasts is becoming my cause. It's less contentious than political blogging, where even your friends rip you. Even meterologists ridicule weather forecasts.

We are in, oh, hour 37 of the current weather broadcasting overreaction to last week's weather broadcasting overreaction. In this case, the most populous parts of New England may just possibly see an inch or two of snow by this time tomorrow (it's raining right now). Since the temp will also be at or above freezing most of that time, and since there is more than an inch of salt on most paved public ways in Massachusetts, the chances of an accumulation of anything but raw hype are minimal.

At the present rate, the hysteria will begin shortly after July 4, skipping right through hurricane season to begin warning people of the need to maintain their shovels while they are still trying to maintain inflatable water toys.

Links and pictures soon, I promise.

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