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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Supposing the next president is FDR redux,recall that the US was still not out of the Depression in 1941, eight years after his first inauguration. J

Supposing the next administration stops rewarding business for offshoring jobs. You can do it, all right, but you have to pay the full freight and see if it still looks good to you.

The result of the first two is that most of us are gonna work until we drop, and that companies can't solve their problems by shipping them to Bangalore. Suppose too that we won't hear about privatising Social Security for another generation or so.

So, suppose now that the pundits are right for once, and the main employment resource for the US will be its older workers.

How do you plan ahead to deal with the nasty, squint-eyed little middle-management shits who are the main reason we have age bias?

Suppose the ideas of these creatures were carried to their logical conclusion. A "career" would span the ages of 25 to 45. Few could get a job before then because they lack experience. Nobody older could keep one because they cost too much. The shits are just acting out their own age insecurities. Nothing can make them younger, though, and nothing but death can stop them becoming over 45 themselves one day. Their worst fear is that when they do, someone will treat them just as they have treated others. The golden rule does not occur to them.

The revolution won't come unless this class of person are shipped en masse to the re-education facilities, or perhaps go to sweep floors in Bangalore, simply to level the playing field for both the young and the old. That's not supposing: that is.


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