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Friday, January 16, 2009

Disaster items

First, a note to self. Pay more attention when the flight attendants go through the ditching drill. Apparently, it can work.

Second, although I confess to an inherited interest in the Braves...Smoltz? I thought the Sox had given up hiring senior citizens for the starting rotation.


Blogger crispix67 said...

I am just amazed at the story of that plane crash. And that humans can actually work together to help each other. I tear up every time I watch any story about it. Wow.

As for Smoltz...he will be badly missed here in ATL...Im not a fan of baseball (dont hate me, please, lol)but I know he has done alot of charity work here on top of his talent for the game.

Take care of him up there :P

3:12 pm  

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