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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Signs you may be aging

I joined a gym. For several years, in jobs and school, my pampered arse didn't need to leave the building to use a gym. At the new place, one has to walk about 100 m (uphill, mind) to make use of a very sweet deal with a local gym.

Now that I've graduated from physical therapy, I jined up at last. However, the referenced signs are that, when sizing up a gym, one looks for a critical mass of grey hair and body fat rather than hard, young bodies. It has both: enough of the former for camouflage, and enough of the latter to improve the scenery. And lots of stuff.

I don't know about their spin classes, though. I studied it but haven't signed. The throbbing music, the savage leader, the closely spaced bikes, and the darkened room all reminded me much more of Manray than of the last spin class I attended. But no leather....


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