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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some News Day

Today's news has no shortage of gutless weeniedom. IMHO, the attempt of the credit card banks to become victims may get the gold star.

Understand that I am still contemplating the idea that by paying my credit card bills on time, said banks label me a "deadbeat." No wonder the country's finances are fucked up.

Nonetheless, let us reflect on the argument that it is somehow unfair if the credit card banks must treat their customers decently. This is akin to robbers arguing that it is unfair to have a separate, and more highly sanctioned, category for armed robbery.

Other candidates include Democrats afraid to stand up for putting terror suspects in rather high-security Federal prisons (which somehow places the Main Street of Keokuk at risk) and the latest attacks of oral dysentery affecting Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. Yet somehow, the crybaby antics of larcenous banks seem to trump everything else.


Blogger malevolent andrea said...

I *know*.

It astounds me that they can just randomly change your interest rates at will. How is that *not* stealing? It's stealing.

12:22 pm  

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