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Monday, March 30, 2009

Aw nuts--just too much to say

I thought I'd heard every weird thing to come out of California. Then I read about the Testicle Festival in Oakdale, CA.
I hope this link stays up simply to prove that I'm not making this up. Here's another, just in case.

To begin with, this explains where all the cojones in California are. It's the one social event I know of where you go to get stones, not stoned.

I note, with some concern, that Oakdale is also the site of a Hershey's chocolate factory. The aforementioned news items assure readers that these are fried balls, but I'm not sure I'd swallow a chocolate ball in Oakdale without first making sure what's inside.

I suppose this event has a certain degree of macho bravado attached. Nevertheless, if you go to this Oakdale site do take note of the posture of the gentleman in the centre of the picture. I think that may be a safe posture to assume coming to and going from this event: you want to make sure that $50 is all you're contributing to this worthy cause.


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