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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The end of contemplation

Earlier this year, my wife decided that I have become too decrepit to paint the peaks of our house. While I grant that the front one is a bit challenging (you need to lean a long ladder way out over a bay window), it's one of those chores I enjoy.

One reason is that there is a structure to observe, preparation, and execution. At the end of the day you have visible evidence of what you have done. Risks be damned: it's good for you!

With a painting contractor, you're paying other people to have your good time. Today was Day One, and I found out there's another disadvantage. When I do the job, there's just me doing the necessary preparation, one piece of the house at a time. It's pleasant outside and the inside disturbance is minimal. There are four of these guys, all very industrious, and there was often one to each side of the house. The type of noise, and the decibel level, reminded me of a brain MRI.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to do something elsewhere, lest I go from being in my rocker to off it.


Blogger malevolent andrea said...

Never mind *you*, how traumatised are the cats? :-) Evil Kitty is still recovering from the swarm of roofers at my house, and it's been two weeks.

12:37 am  
Blogger Uncle said...

Spike is bitter because it ruins nap time...he will get even. Annie is still deciding on a refuge. She tried a doorway for a while, just like a Californian in an earthquake.

12:45 am  

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