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Saturday, September 12, 2009

One more: Guard What?

OK...let me see if I have this right. The Coast Guard holds a routine drill. CNN, obsessed with the idea that terrorists are as obsessed with anniversaries as the broadcast media, is listening in on police scanner frequencies and overhears the drill.

Without once checking, or even considering, the possibility that the data might support some other conclusion, CNN goes on the air with breathless commentary about terrorists in the Potomac. And somehow, this is the Coast Guard's fault.

CNN, there is in fact a moral low ground lower than that occupied by Fox, and you've found it.
This farce rates an F in any journalism course I ever had, and you know it. Now cowboy up and admit it.

The obvious conclusion is that nobody is supposed to be ready to protect anything if it interferes with America's driveling sentimentality and its enablers. I'd ding the Coast Guard for saying anything on any frequency not indescribably Top Secret, and I'd cut off umpteen dozen perqs for any media outlet that acted as blindly as CNN has in this matter: not for security breaches, but for sheer stupidity followed by middle-school arrogant denial.

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