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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This and that

I am not seeking the US Senate seat made vacant by Ted Kennedy's death. It seems useful to make that clear, since those of us not running seem to be distinct minority.

Here's one more addition to the list of low income workers whose passive aggression on the job can make your life momentarily miserable: shopping cart wranglers. You've seen them: the bottom-rung labourers at supermarkets, box stores or whatever, who get to go out and fetch back the shopping carts most of us are too lazy or too dumb to at least bring to the cart corrals. You'd think that half an hour of paid time on a bright summer day would restore their spirits. Alas, no. They get to direct their anger at their sinuous herd of carts, and finish up by jamming them together to firmly that the next shopper will need a crowbar to get the carts to part. I speak from experience. The four fingers I jammed trying to pull two shopping carts apart a couple days back are finally raising no objections to being planted on a keyboard. Let us all learn from this, return our carts to the corrals, and aid the wranglers' anger management.

Once upon a time, the Maytag people really were tops in dependability. Ours is about to go to its reward, after 23 years of service; service, mind, without a single repair. In washers, they truly don't make them like they used to. Speaking of passive aggression, I don't know what we did to this machine to inspire it to begin dribbling oil on clothes at the start of the Labour Day weekend.

The logistics of delivery, plumber-assisted shifting of gas dryers, and removal have taken up a good part of the past four days. Are you watching, George Carlin? If you are, I bet you're damn surprised that you are, but not surprised at this proof that the stuff owns us.

PS: a can of Coca-Cola really does remove a lot of grease and oil stains.


Blogger malevolent andrea said...

Have you been to the Target again? :-) As much as that store and I are BFFs, they are the worst with the unseparable carts.

Sorry to hear about your washer. I just read that Coke also works wonders for dissolving burnt-on gunk from the bottom of pots should you have a sad cooking accident. (Which begs the question of what it does in your stomach, actually.)

3:30 pm  
Blogger crispix67 said...

Same thing that made my car with it loose oil pump pulley suddenly decide to come completely loose on Labor Day weekend. Mercury in retrograde, or the Universe laughing...not sure which. LOL

I will remember the shopping cart thing. I always try to put my cart in the corral, and despise the people who leave them beside their car, making it very hard to park.

Oh, and I'll put Coke's reply here-

I think Coke is going about that all wrong...I think theyd want to encourage people to buy their product to use both as a drink and a household cleaner.

Not sure how good for the enviroment it would be as opposed to regular cleaners...but Im sure someone in their multi-billion dollar company could figure it out.

And, the car battery thing does SO work...Ive seen it, my dad used it for many many years

4:02 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

This incident was at Stop and Shop. I'm more on my guard at Target, since there have been times that I gave up and just shopped with two carts locked together.

As for Coke, feh! I tried vinegar and it wasn't half as successful. They are missing the boat, but that's the corporate mind. How long did it take Avon to accept that Skin So Soft really is a bug repellent?

The new machine is happily humming downstairs and the dryer is ready for action

6:28 pm  

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