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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Web education

A) I wish I had discovered a few jobs ago. Naturally, you have to weigh and assess the content, even though the rules discourage rants, vents and personal insults. (Excuse me, what else is left: balance sheets?) Once you've made allowances, this looks like a place that helps winnow out the truly strange places to work. At the least, the comments give you some fodder to fuel pushback in "stress interviews." Why should you be the only one to sweat?

B) Another venture of the lolcats folk is Emails from Crazy People. For sake of argument, I'll grant that some of these comical messages may come from disturbed people. My overall impression is that most of them come from people who would, alas, be judged clinically sane. The balance sheet makes crazee look pretty good and sane seem overrated.

C) Growing up, I didn't realise that I was learning an antique skill when my father taught us five-card cribbage. We played it because it lends itself more readily to three-handed play than the six-card variety, or so I thought. It appears that Wales is one of the few places where this form survives. At any rate, it's the oldest form of cribbage, with a direct line of descent from similar card games dating to the 16th century or before. It's somewhat popular at SCA events, so I'll have to brush up on it. It offers something to do in garb besides eat, drink and shoot arrows.


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