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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juan in a million

There's actually a house painter around here using that as a tag line. My apologies for borrowing it.

The Juan I have is mind has the surname Williams. I have nothing to say about his comments on Fox. I have little to say about NPR firing him, ostensibly for those comments. I have a lot to say about the saturation coverage of the whole kerfluffle.

A number of studies and polls suggest that the American public dislikes and distrusts its news media. Often, those studies have actually asked people why.
One of the chief reasons, now and for some years past, is journalism's current obsession with covering itself. That is exactly what has been going on here.

Being something of an authority on firings, doing that any way but face to face is gutless, but that's something between the company and the terminated employee. As an historian, I'm also well versed on the idiocy of doing something your enemy wants you to do. Those observations are applicable to this situation, and anyone who wants to apply them may do so without my commentary.

I confess to knowing almost nothing about Mr. Williams. The little I have learned lately doesn't encourage me to find out more. It does sound like the Fox in question may have a wolf by the ears, and it will be instructive to see what develops in the months and years to come.

Meanwhile, enough of this.



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