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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just so much material

Good side of the Greek Tragedy in Yawkey Way: The heat's off Bill Buckner and Grady Little. Yes, fans, it is Greek tragedy in the clearest sense, with the 2500-year-old theme of the penalty of hubris at the forefront. Let us learn from this.

Moving on to unimportant matters, as we have said here before, in the "war on terror," the gods are on the side with the fewest idiots. It is al-Qaeda's curse that it seems even better than the GOP presidential primary race at attracting idiots. The terrorist idiot du jour seems unclear on the difference between flying a remote-controlled jet about the size of a riding mower and flying a balsa-wood airplane with a rubber-band engine. He seems shaky on the idea that it is one thing to dream of blowing up the Pentagon (a building slightly larger than Rhode Island) with a few pounds of plastique, and another actually to do it. Ferdaus seems also to be one of those charmingly naive people who have made the underside of the Internet, and especially Internet commerce, all that it is today. "Oh, I'll need some explosives and technical advice. Let me just Google that and I'm sure I'll find reliable sources." Heh.

All this does begin to resemble the U.S. Communist party in the late 1950s, when FBI agents in the ranks were said to outnumber Leninists by about 50 to 1. We can but laugh.

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Blogger massmarrier said...

On the way to our church, we pass the fortress Henry, the Sox owner's new resort destination, a.k.a. house. He doesn't know what to do with money personally any more than with the team. An ostentatious parvenu can't be expected to be smart, thus an overbought roster, a gigantic mausoleum for digs, the most expensive tix in MLB, and (ta da) no pennant.

9:33 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

Might we have a new "John Henry" folk song, with a chorus of "he died with his money in his hand."

But the good news is I don't think Boston will name a street after him.

10:35 pm  

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