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Monday, October 31, 2011

When I was a boy and other dull stuff

Where I was born and edjumacated, they had 22 inches of snow over the weekend. I won't say "that's nothing: when I was a boy we had to trick or treat on July 4 to keep from getting snowed out." Because it ain't true. My town was the flatlands by New Hampshire standards. It was cold on October 31 evenings more often than not. It did snow once or twice, but nothing like 22 inches...nothing like two inches.

Watching the blundering utilities try to spin their third inept response to emergency in eight months does raise an intriguing question or two. First, is this their idea of lobbying against reforms that would enable communities to run their own municipal utilities? Second, is this supposed to be a GOP demonstration of the always-superior efficiency of the private sector? Or third, should we just say "thanks for the yucks?"

Speaking of yucks, there's Herman Cain's denial du jour. But seriously, I think the denial is more plausible than his tax plan.

In just a few minutes, I can ethically turn off the porch light and pig out on the remaining candy.

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Blogger massmarrier said...

I didn't think it was spoiled at the time, but after about 50 years in Yankeeland, I see my prime trick or treating years as cushy. In Southern Virginia, we didn't even need sweaters and snow came in January if at all. We whined mildly about how far apart the houses were, but greed got us over that too.

12:21 pm  

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