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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


The local authorities seem unaware of the power of automatic pilot when comes to elections. Several months ago, redistricting hit us and we went from seven precincts to six. After the initial flurry, nobody much thought about the consequences of the reduction. The Town was, evidently, supposed to send a letter to all voters to identify their new precinct and, most importantly, their new polling place.

They didn't, and I showed up early at the old polling place, which also houses a day care centre. It took a few minutes of looking like Chester the Molester before I figured out the polls weren't there. So, I went home, checked the town Web site and found that my precinct (still the same) now voted at the , Community Centre. Thanks very much and I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry.

After months of considering picking up a Republican ballot and voting for the craziest clown still standing, I dumbfounded the volunteers by asking for a Democratic ballot. I did think of the Green Party for a moment, but the Democratic ballot was breathtaking enough. Most of my precinct's volunteers are much older than me, and I was afraid a Green Party ballot would cause cardiac arrest somewhere. The shock was quietly hilarious. But in the end, I could not stomach anyone in the Republican clown, and that was my chief motivation.

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