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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Buy Now! Going Fast!

I think I'll auction naming rights to this blog on e-bay. It seems only slight less idiotic than the current Fleet Center naming rights gambit.

The once-clever idea hit a snag when the gag purchase of the right to put Derek Jeter's name on the place backfired somewhat, proving again that there is such a thing as bad publicity when corporate morons are in charge of it.

The whole faux pas shows the folly of putting corporate names on municipal landmarks at a time when corporations change names (or change hands) more often than some of the rural neighbours of my childhood changed clothes.

What say we move to geographical names that won't shift so easily? The corporation could easily get an identifying subhead that the public would forget as soon as it forgets most other advertising messages. Then we could have, say, Boston Garden and Foxboro Stadium, just like we have Fenway Park.

What a concept. Maybe I'll sell that.


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