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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Worst Case

What about the worst case for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts? Who is planning for that?

It seems realistic to plan now. Mass. Equality still appears to be in shock. When they say anything, it sounds like a further commitment to the failed policy of "Mr./Ms. Nice Queer win over the opposition." My State Rep. and State Senator (the latter being at least an arguable candidate for Senate President if Trav could be stomped) seem to have good intentions, and nothing more.

Let's sell fear. The other side are doing well with this product, so we should out-sell them. (But skip the aerial ads in winter, puh-LEEZE!)

Suppose with me that the next ConCon vote fails, and that same-sex marriage fails on the 2008 ballot initiative. At this moment of paralysis, both seem very likely.

Then what? Who amongst the opponents has thought about what happens next?

Massachusetts has to divest several thousand law-abiding citizens of a legally recognised civil right. The nation has absolutely no precedent for this. Even segregation was accomplished quietly, gradually and with at least the illusion of equality. Can't be so here. You are married one day, not married the next. This ain't gonna be easy.

If you're a Massachusetts legislator, possessed of more crust than spine, it may occur to you to throw a bone to the disenfranchised multitudes: civil unions.

Now, let's suppose.

1) The disenfranchised get squat. It's just like gay-bashing, VoM thinks. The queers won't fight back. Suppose the queers do.

2) Suppose the General Court throws the civil union bone, but the disenfranchised refuse to trade down.

My storyboard has all the couples, plus families and friends, show up to burn their marriage licences in front of the State House. Nice plume of smoke curling into the air as 25,000 people shout their anger with lots of national media eating all of it up.

That means a little planning and motivation, yes? Stay tuned for further hallucinations. Hey, it's better than helpless hand-wringing.


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