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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Irvin McDowell, Your Time Has Come

The Union Army's first commander, Irvin McDowell, is one of history's more forgotten figures. During the first eighteen months of the war he showed an absolute genius for doing the right thing at the wrong time, or the wrong thing at the right time.

However, he did one thing exactly right, and it is for this that we should remember him. With beautifully understated irony, he commented in a despatch that he had made arrangements for war correspondents to take the field with the army. "I have recommended that they wear white uniforms as an indication of the purity of their character."

It seems fair to expect the same of every political reporter in captivity, especially the broadcast variety. If we are to depend upon the judgment of the political media, there is not a single politician in the country fit either to hold office or to run for office.

Perhaps all of us should take counsel of our own opinions and ignore the media altogether.


Blogger Mass Marrier said...

That's new to me and I like it. It recalls Stranger in a Strange Land. Its Fair Witnesses wore white robes and represented impartial judgment in contentious cases.

How do we get some of those and put them to work in a new New Media? Lackaday, I am not one.

12:01 am  

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