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Monday, March 05, 2007

Rest in Peace?

There seems to be a great deal of commotion over corpses these days. There is, at least, if the corpse is that of a former celebrity, or one of the rich and/or famous.

Get over it: they're dead.

There's no reason to anticipate celebrity in what's left of my life, much less fortune, but I have a plan and I expect it's time to write it into my will.

The EPA will undoubtedly deny me either a Lakota or a Viking funeral, but they are what I'm driving at. Human consciousness seems more and more to me like a barrier between us and our part of the wholeness of the universe. If that were not bad enough, our civilisation's mummification rituals will certainly place a substantial barrier between our remains and the universe.

I'd like to be cremated someplace where the smoke rises shamelessly to the sky, then have my ashes scattered someplace where they will do some good to green and growing things. If anyone cares to remember me, they can do then every time they look to the skies, and every time they look at something growing from the earth.


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