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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Theory of Deterrence and Football

Those of us who grew up during the Cold War, periodically hiding under our desks in case of nuclear attacks, may recall the term "deterrence." Briefly, the idea is to have so many and such powerful weapons that no one will attack you because of what would happen when you unleashed your most powerful weapons. I other words, you spend prodigiously on weapons you do not expect to use. They are just as useful, if not more useful, when they are not being used.

I do not think the sports commentators have heard of deterrence when they remark how few catches Randy Moss had in this game or that. When a receiver can sprint from his own 40 to the opposition's end zone, bringing two to four of the opposition with him, he is just as useful as if he were actually a target.When the opposition finally notice that four or five other people are doing all the catching, and get tired of chasing the weapon of deterrence for no reason, then the quarterback can send one in his direction.

Strange game, football.



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