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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad Dreams

Once again, I drift into the perilous waters of politics.

The other night, I had one of those annoying nightmares that one cannot dismiss simply by waking up. When one falls asleep again, there's the nightmare again, in full flower.

Now, I find out it isn't a nightmare. Mitt Romney is really on McCain's Vice Presidential list

I wonder how many times I have to awaken and fall asleep again before this vapid nightmare goes away.

We can hope for two things: First, that someone can convince both Clintons that it isn't 1992 anymore. Second, that McCain remembers why it was that his previous attitude toward Mitt was based in a detestation that was (to borrow from Churchill) "spontaneous, unaffected, and sincere."

I am earnestly hoping for a Republican Vice-Presidential candidate who would even be a tough sell to Moses. There appear to be some genuine candidates. If you give Mitt an hour, though, he'll out-wingnut them all.


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