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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bangs head slowly on...

The low note of Secy. Clinton's European tour has to be her "reset button" faux pas in Russia.

When last I looked, the United States had become home to umpteen million Russian emigres, a good number of them geekish enough to get the implications of "reset." I'm waiting to hear why it wasn't possible to have just one of them spell-check a well-intended gesture like this. I'm also wondering why the right word, perezagruzka, couldn't have been in Cyrillic.

It is this sort of utter bone-headedness that keeps the Ugly American stereotype alive. Clinton should abandon her chief of protocol, whose first name is presumably Bubba or Sally Mae, at a European airport and make him/her bum a ride home.

(Exit left, shaking banged head)


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