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Thursday, January 07, 2010

More fraud in headlines

Quick, what do you think when you see the headline "Footprints Force New Thoughts on Evolution"? Aha, I thought so, and that shows the extent to which we've all been brainwashed by so-called creation science.

When you get to the story, you'll see that it has nothing whatever to do with human evolution, or with any reconsideration of the idea of evolution, or with proving that humans and dinosaurs walked together, or any other bit of fundamentalist nonsense. It has to do with when creatures left the water and began to walk. The discoveries, which are without doubt important and fascinating to paleontologists, do not deserve to be presented under such a deceptive headline.

Note to Yahoo livescience: if you can't make the story interesting without deception, maybe you shouldn't lead with it.

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