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Friday, February 05, 2010

John Reading

Writers get strange gigs. For example, I wrote for a trade publication targeted at antiques dealers. That only sounds good. Working with antiques dealers is not only a herding cats job, at times it's like being referee of the World Championship Extreme Cat Fighting competition. A number of my peers have had equally strange writing jobs.

To my knowledge, none has written for Portable Restroom Operator. Now, I allow that every business represents a niche, but one wonders. How does one present this on the resume? How do these articles look in your portfolio? What goes on in the editorial meetings?

These aren't light and transient questions, pilgrims. Along with everything else one can imagine about writing for Portable Restroom Operator, it's possible to assume that it faces the same business challenges faced by every other print publication these days. Those writers may soon be our competition in places that don't elicit chuckles. No matter what your topic, writers in print media have a shitty future. (There: now that I've written a scatological remark, I feel much better.)

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Blogger massmarrier said...

Well, you've evoked another well-secreted memory. When Cahners bought Conover Mast were I worked in NYC, it split up our books between Chicago and Boston to eliminate the high lease in our building across from the Daily News. Many of us were not interested in those two cities and scattered to other Manhattan jobs.

A few fell into the shame of PR, but the worst by far was a chum who became big stuff at Solid Waste Management. What a terrible business card to have.

4:13 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

I'm not sure I want to know what it means to be "big stuff at Solid Waste Management," and I'm sure it'd be hard to conceal a grin at that business card.

3:13 am  

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