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Friday, January 15, 2010

Why lawyers suck

As an example, one might want to consider this lawsuit, one of several out there filed by persons claiming to have "electromagnetic allergies." We've been over similar ground recently, with reference to the unproven (and unprovable) cancer risk of cell phones.

Perhaps it isn't fair to single out lawyers, who after all just want to make a buck and aren't alone in both ignorance and lack of principles to do it. If we are shaking our heads at the tinfoil hat crowd, we really need to concentrate on the quack, hucksters and con artists who sell (I use the term deliberately) their pseudo scientific snake oil to the ignorant and gullible. Putting hucksterism in New Age draperies doesn't make it any less fraudulent.

There are plenty of trinkets out there to ward off evil electromagnetism. These plaintiffs would get the same results for less money if they bought some of them and didn't hand their life savings over to attorneys.


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