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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Score: Good news 2, bad news 2

Let's be uncommonly perky and start with the good news.

Over the past week our DVD player has grown increasingly cranky. It's been a while since I used the lens cleaning disk: found it fallen out of its jewel case, and in a state that would do more harm than good. So I popped for new cleaning disk for about $9, and voila, it worked! No need to rush out and spring for a Blu-Ray player...yet.

Next, having done my homework I went out and bought new hiking boots to replace the Yosemite disasters that I left with my kid in California. She brought them to a nearby Goodwill store, and told me to consider that the illegal immigrant harvesting my produce was possibly wearing my boots. May they do better by him than they did by me.

What I bought are Timberland Mudslingers:

They meet all the advice I have found about what Morton's toe owners should do before they see the podiatrist. They're a half-size bigger than usual. They have major footbed support and steel toes. They're work boots, not recreational models: the thinking is that boots for people who wear them for 40-60 hours a week get more design attention than those for weekend warriors. So far, I haven't taken them off, like a kid, and so far they're comfortable. Hiking next. Also, I bought them at Pennyworth's in Lynn. They offer the rare distinction, these days, of having a competent person who actually fits your footwear to you. What a concept!

Now the bad news. I rarely mention work here, and I still won't give the place a name. However, my part-time job there is steadily becoming more part than time. This renders the second vexation more serious: a red-light violation.

I have my doubts about this one, but moving violations are like NFL penalties: there must be sufficient evidence to overturn the penalty. My sterling character and good intentions are insufficient. Not only have these things become more expensive ($100): they are, like speeding tickets, gifts that keep on giving. Remember insurance surcharges?

Drat...but I have hopes for the boots.


Blogger massmarrier said...

I can testify that by bent as well as vocation(s) you are, as I, anal enough to stop your car when appropriate.

12:57 pm  
Blogger malevolent andrea said...

OMG, I used to buy clothes at Pennyworth's when I was in high school. Thanks for the nostalgia blast! And hope the boots work out well for you. My toenail is still hanging on by a (toenail) thread :-)

3:19 pm  
Blogger Uncle said...

Believe it or not, Pennyworth's has an internet following in footwear, thanks to the customer service and variety. Let's hear it for customer service!

3:39 pm  

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