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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why I left Marketing

One need go no further than today's Boston panic to understand why there is little or no room in marketing for anyone over 40...and why there ought to be.

We have here a marketing stunt which, I am sure, we will discover was conceived by children, planned by children, approved by children, and executed by children.

Note: I have adopted the hobbit definition of 33 as coming of age. It seems to fit our society
quite well.

Even if all of the perps are not under 33, we will likely find that their minds are much younger than that, at least in terms of an inability to comprehend negative consequences to their predetermined course of action.

Now, some of these children will be very exercised to stay out of prison, and so have a lot of time to consider the consequences of ill-considered actions. However, they are not alone in their folly.

I feel much safer knowing that these allegedly dangerous "packages" have been in place for two to three weeks without our crack police force and Homeland Insecurity people having the least idea they were there. Not only in place, but lit up every fucking night.

I feel much better informed knowing that Boston media redefined "slow news day" by devoting every second of coverage to something known to be a hoax almost immediately. That explains why I'm no longer a journalist. Sheesh!

Doesn't anybody possess the critical faculty anymore?


Blogger massmarrier said...

It is to laugh a deep, horsey laugh. What if they hadn't noticed highly visible, lighted threats for three weeks, and what was it, seven of them? Apparently Turner's folk weren't even trying to goof on the security types.

Yet, I'm still glad I had nothing to do with the marketing campaign.

12:01 am  

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