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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Johnny Can't Talk (or Think) Good

Oh My GAWD!! It's December in New England! There's going to be SNOW!!! Call FEMA!!! (Or not: call someone who can actually help instead.)

Don't you get sick of the broadcast media's fixation with making normal events into disasters?

Don't you wonder about those panic shoppers ahead of you in the checkout line? What do they live on when they can't get two dozen two-litre bottles of Coke and cases of giant-size bags of ripple chips? What do they do with the surplus when our blizzard amounts to two inches and they can go out the next day? Are their houses overflowing with stashes of soft drinks and potato chips?

PET PEEVE WARNING: Will this be the year when at least one bold New England weather prophet has the stones to say "Northeaster" as normal people do? "Nor'easter" has never been widely used outside newsrooms in the history of the language...except by New Yorkers pretending to be New Englanders.

The answer is "fat chance". There will be snow Sunday: let it come down. There will also be a football game against the Jets, who have just enough of a chance to make life interesting. So what is it we hear about? "Spygate." The geniuses of the broadcast media still think that applying, or misapplying, a stale suffix over 30 years old to any scandal that shows up is clever. Evidently, they now think that evidence of a routine coaching procedure constitutes scandal.

Isn't the endless repetition of a meaningless word a symptom of some psychosis or other?

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