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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It gets different

My co-worker, who is taking courses toward a health care certificate, asked me to help choose a disorder for her next paper. Naturally I chose trigeminal neuralgia, since I'm already rather well posted up on the subject.

And a good thing, too. It's made me go back and review a number of clinical papers I've bookmarked. I had shoved to the back of my mind the progressive nature of the disorder, and now I'm reading that stuff up. Those not interested in med-speak can tune out now.

Yes, I had a "relatively" mild period of exacerbation last winter. On the other hand, I haven't been entirely pain-free since then. That has included unexpected, momentary attacks of lancinating pain. Mostly, I'd just been thinking of how much worse they would be without meds.

The day after Thanksgiving brought the first crumpling episode of the winter exacerbation. Today brought a second: not too bad but you wouldn't want it.
Now my homework, in behalf of my fellow worker, reminds me that these indications suggest intensification. That is, the meds aren't working as well; I will soon (like tonight) need more, and I will soon be at the threshold where efficacious becomes toxic. I also got to re-read the disturbing shortcomings of the surgeries meant to relieve (but not cure) this disorder.

Hobson's choice. I will be happy to share this literature with all those who think it's just wonderful that my generation may get to live another 30 years. Batshit.



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