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Sunday, December 04, 2011

This n that

The most interesting part of the Cain "suspension" announcement was the view of his wife in the background. That brief flash of teeth wasn't a "good wife" smile, I think. That was the smile of a woman who now has her husband's cojones in a lock box.

Loved Jeff Jacoby on what a nasty man Barney Frank is. Once again, when reactionaries turn crybaby, I'm reminded of an old playground taunt: "you can dish it out, but you can't take it." Barney certainly dished it out, but he could always take it.

Note to Bob Kraft. Now do you see why it would have been smart to help Foxboro get its electricity back at the same time you got the juice on at the stadium after Irene etc.? If Greater Boston is going to have one of these damfool things, I'd like it at Suffolk Downs. Get all the yeggs in one basket, you might say. The neighbourhood can't get any worse, and everyone already has a talent for dodging bullets.



Blogger massmarrier said...

Well, maybe those pinkos do think alike. I watched wee Gloria raptly too.

12:16 pm  

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