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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well, isn't that interesting.

Over the last eight days, the score is Beast 6, me 2. Good news is that I've still had only one episode a day. The bad news is that the symptoms are definitely changing and not for the better.

For one thing, I've come to appreciate the clinical description, "lancinating pain." I still think it is not so much an electric shock sensation as it is that of having a nail driven into one's head at three-second intervals. I've had electric shocks and nails driven into my limbs during my career as clumsy do-it-yourselfer, so I have a basis of comparison.

For another, the distribution of pain can be different and random. I had one episode in which the pain concentrated in the temporal region and grew more intense, instead of diffusing. This would be fine except that the pain level was in the 7s and approaching 8. In another, at the same level the pain appeared in the Gasserian ganglion and diffused downward into the trigeminal root, the main highway of the nerve to the spinal cord. This used to happen before we had properly adjusted my meds,, but not since. Pain in the root is rather unique.
Otherwise it's been same old same old.

The adventure continues.



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