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Friday, January 22, 2016

The woo! It hurts!

I'll skip the latest TN instalments, which are much the same anyway, except for moving into twice-daily episodes, to reflect on a strange phenomenon.

First, by turning my back on Facebook, I've cut myself off from the latest news on food woo and quackery. As a result, trends can fly right over my head unnoticed.

Second, I do our basic grocery shopping at a local market every Thursday morning before 8. The prices are a little higher than the mega-chains, but the variety is good, and I can get in and out in 15 to 20 minutes, because there aren't that many customers stirring at that hour

Generally. This morning, I arrived at the checkout to find one person (of the well-heeled, well clad, first world entitled variety) making a great deal of to-do over her purchase. It says much that her environmentally responsible grocery list was packed in store bags, because her social responsibility didn't extend to bringing her own bags. It was also interesting that a large portion of her purchase included bananas. I didn't think much of that until another person of the same persuasion pulled into line behind me, with bananas. Before I had checked out, a third entitled person carrying bananas pulled into  line, and before I left the store, someone equally entitled was approaching the checkout with bananas.

Have bananas become a thing?


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