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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another sign of age

If one is of a certain age, one recalls when there was a lot of chrome-plated steel on the outside of cars. Especially bumpers. (One also remembers when bumpers actually protected cars, but never mind for now.) Chrome-plated steel bumpers, being close to the road, lived a hard life in northern states with salty winter highways.

At that time, urban legend had it that Coca-Cola could be used as an agent to dissolve the rust that bubbled up through the chrome. I never tried this, but I thought of it when i read Pepsi's defence of Mountain Dew.

It's an ingenious piece of lawyering, suggesting that the plaintiff couldn't possibly have found a dead mouse in his Dew because it would have been dissolved into a substance very similar to, say, bear snot. However I'm with the author of the linked story: this doesn't increase my already limited interest in drinking Mountain Dew.

What I want to know is if Dew can clean chrome?

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