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Monday, February 08, 2016

Keeping my sort-of promise.

Last Monday, my day to have platelets, I had not Tn pain worth mentioning. As usual, that means "no pain that I would consider worthy of notice." Others might not think so. The rest of the week has been less lucky, culminating with a 13-hour marathon that followed a brunch at which I was a little careless, and a social gathering that included a fair amount of walking--also careless.

One of my diversions in a time like that is thinking about what I might eat when this settles down. Right now, I think it might be peanuts or cashews. The other, as always, is keeping score. The average of the marathon was probably Mankoski 7, with a few 8-plus jabs thrown in for variety. Usually, Once I've drugged up I sleep through a lot of this, and know it's still on when I wake up in pain. This time there was no sleep until early in the evening. Yes, I increased my Clonazepam dose. So would you, in the same place. It brought four or five hours of sleep, and when I woke up, the pain was gone.

I have to explain that waking up to no pain, in situations like this, brings confusion and surprise before it brings pleasure. When one lives with TN for so long, even with my extended summer remissions, pain gets to be so normal that at first one doesn't quite  know what to do when it stops.



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