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Monday, March 07, 2016

This thing does have one benefit

That benefit is living with a degree of distraction that makes the political comedy hard to distinguish from the occasional hallucination. No, I haven't gotten into the business of Botox. The past few days have been taken up with surviving a trip to the dentist (always a hazard) and making sure we're ready for the insulation guys next week.

Things are getting better. Alcoholic beverages are still a problem with the ridiculous doses of anticonvulsants, but I'm adapting otherwise. Eating is better (i.e., possible), archery is mostly possible, driving is no worse than usual. Still, it's true what my nurse boss says, explaining me. "Okay," just means the pain is manageable. Even with all these drugs, it's always there now. It's sort of like walking a wolf: the question becomes who is in charge.

News enough for now.



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